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  1. Protect the crafters while they make their way to Dajkah Inlet
  2. See Stonemason Tagor for your reward

Obtained From

Stonemason Tagor in Sunward Marches (located near Dabineh Deathbringer)


The Command Post


1 XP


"Sunspears! We have you to blame for our predicament, so I think it's fitting you should aid us in our escape. While you've been recruiting Kournan crafters for your war effort, Varesh has increased her demands and tightened her security on the rest of us. We decided enough's enough, and have made plans to leave. We cut a deal with some corsairs to get us out of Kourna, but I'm certain Varesh's army will try to stop us. Get us to the safety of Dajkah Inlet and it will do much to soften the pain we've suffered at your hands."
Accept: "So by helping you, I hurt Varesh and clear my conscience? Sounds like win,"
Reject : "My hands are clean. Perhaps you should go wash yours!"
When asked about quest : ... to be added ...

Reward Dialogue

"Wow, I never though there would be that much opposition to us leaving Kourna. Thank you for your help. We never would have made it without you. If you ever need any stonework done, look for me in Istan. I plan to look for work by the quarry on the Cliffs of Dohjok."


Your task is to protect Stonemason Tagor and four other Kournan Stonemasons (all rangers) as they head towards Dajkah Inlet. They will travel slowly along the eastern edge and the southern edge of Sunward Marches. Along the way, you'll get attacked by the local wildlife and two spawns of Kournan soldiers. Protect them and accept your hard-earned reward, 1 experience point.


  • The reward for this quest is one of the oddest in the entire game, due to the fact that it is the only quest that awards exactly 1 XP.


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