Order of Whispers (NPC)
Order of Whispers
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 20


There are groups of these npcs scattered around Ravenheart Gloom, unfortunately they do not last long against the demon onslaught.


Skills used


  • Death to the demonic servants of this realm!
  • What do you think of my finishing move, creature? Oops...I already finished.
  • Do you smell that, demon? That's the scent of defeat!
  • The streets will flow with the blood of the demon heathens!
  • You will feast upon my boot, demon spawn!
  • Hey ugly, do you kiss your demon mother with those festering lips?
  • Creature your end is nigh!
  • The demons are coming! To arms!
  • Eternal darkness shall never be.

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