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One-Eyed Rugger
One-Eyed Rugger
Species: Human
Profession: Dervish
Level(s): 15


A Corsair and member of Ironfist's gang. When spoken to, he claims to have stolen a bottle of whiskey from the ports. Upon talking to him you become drunk for a significant amount of time, though this does not contribute to the Drunkard Title.



"I nipped me this fine bottle of Istani whiskey off a ship docked at port. Have a swig... it'll put hair on yer chest. Hahahaha!"


  • "Care fer a drink, friend? It'll lighten your load, put a bounce in yer step, and make all the ugly ones pretty again. Har!"


  • His name appears to be a reference to a raunchy term for a macho sexually driven man (a rugger is a fornicator).

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