Old Mac (in pre-Searing)
Species: Human
Level(s): 1
Old Mac (in post-Searing)
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 7

Old Mac, Pre-Searing

Old Mac is a farmer of Ascalon. He and his pets cause much strife for people around him.

Quests Given



"There's only so much abuse a man will take, and I'm nearly at my limit. Now, what is it you want to discuss?"

Old Mac, Post-Searing

He has joined the army and can be found in the Breach, together with his new pet Joe (the replacement for his Rogue Bull).

He also appears in Deldrimor Bowl during the Hungry Devourer quest.

In Eye of the North, he and Joe fight you in The Norn Fighting Tournament.

Quests Involved In



  • Old Mac and Joe's names may be derived from Joe & Mac, an arcade side-scroller game.
  • Another thought on Old Mac's name is the childrens song "Old Macdonald". This may be the case since he's also a farmer.

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