Species: Warthog
Level(s): 8


Oink is, as the name implies, a pig.

Oink makes his appearance in the Gates of Kryta mission, where he has to be brought back to his owner, Orrian Historian McClain's son, in order to receive the bonus objective.







  • While several NPCs (such as Sanyi) are also invulnerable to damage, Oink is unique among them because he will attack enemies. While his damage output is fairly low, he can fight any foe indefinitely without dying.
  • He has an immunity to swamp poison.
  • He can't be attacked, so when he is targeted the Foes basically lock up and become vulnerable to attacks without attacking back.
  • You cannot cast any spells on Oink; this includes all spells or skills that target an ally. It is unknown if Shouts, or Chants affect him. It is highly unlikely, however, given that he is invulnerable to everything, including attacks and Kryta's swamp Poison. He is also unharmed by Death Nova's blast, which is cast by Zombie Warlocks upon themselves or their Bone Minions.

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