A weapon with a name suffix "of <Species>slaying" is equipped with a weapon upgrade of the same name:

Note that two suffixes exist that do not follow the normal convention: of Deathbane and of Pruning.

For more details, see: weapon upgrade


A weapon upgrade of <Species>slaying provides the following bonus to the weapon (the user respectively):

  • Damage +10...20%1 (vs. <species>2)
1Louise Haup used to offer weapons with a +25% Charrslaying mod. As of April 19, 2007, all +25% Charrslaying mods have been replaced with +20% Charrslaying mods. Any +25% Charrslaying mods salvaged from those weapons before April 19, 2007 still exist.
2The following <species>slaying modifiers are confirmed to exist:
Suffix Creature type
of Charrslaying Charr
of Deathbane Undead
of Dwarfslaying Dwarves
of Giantslaying Giants
of Ogreslaying Ogres
of Pruning Plants
of Skeletonslaying Skeletons
of Tenguslaying Tengu
of Trollslaying Trolls
of Demonslaying Demons
of Dragonslaying Dragons

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