Observer Jahfoh
Observer Jahfoh
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Jahfoh is a fellow Sunspear who incurred the ire of Tactician Haj when she wanted to quit her training (the quest Command Training that players must do). Tactician Haj actually pushed her off the platform in a fit of anger. However, Jahfoh rather good-naturedly did not get angry and rather decided to stay and watch.

She now serves the purpose of allowing characters to get down from the platform without completing the quest Command Training.



"I was learning how to use Heroes as well, but I hate bossing others around and never finished Tactician Haj's course. If you don't want to finish either, I can show you how to get down from here. But you won't be able to complete the course or even start again unless you leave the village and restart from the beginning. Taj gets very upset about people not finishing things they start but he will let you retake the course after he calms down. Would you like to abandon the course and leave this scenic overlook?"
Accept: "Get me down from here. I'm afraid of heights!"
Decline: "I wouldn't want to make him mad. I'll complete the training course."


  • A likely reference to the character nicknamed "J.A.F.O." of Blue Thunder. (The nickname being a crude joke at the character's expense regarding his job as an observer)


Bug Bug! You can talk to this NPC even when not on the platform because she is close to the edge, if you choose the option to be let off the platform even if you are already on the ground you will be teleported backwards, to the middle of the fort.

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