Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Noonan catapults a pig for 10 gold.



"Hello friend!"

So, what's with the pig and the catapault?

"Well, you see, soon the celestial pig will descend from the heavens to feast. When this happens, there will be abrief opening within the celestial order for an ambitious pig to find its wings. I mean to see that my Amelia fills the gap. She is no ordinary pig, you know."

That is simply the best plan ever! How can I help?
"I spent most of my money building the catapault. However, I am somewhat afraid that Amelia might get hungry along the way. It could very well be a long trip. If you would like to make a donation, I might be able to buy Amelia a snack to send with her."
Never in the history of pigdom has there been a more worth cause! I will give you 10 gold. Make sure Amelia has a comfortable flight.
"Thank you so much, kind citizen! Amelia and I are nearly ready to test out system. Would you like to stay and witness what your gold has helped achieve?"
Of course, I have a few minutes. Besides, I would not want to miss this spectacle.
Okay. Sure. Let me just run to the Xunlai Agent first. Wait right here. I will be right back. I promise.
You hope to shoot your pig into the heavens with a catapault? Okay. Um, good luck...I guess.

Um, hello....nice to meet you.


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