Nola Sheppard
Nola Sheppard
Species: Human
Profession: Necromancer
Level(s): 20


Nola Sheppard is an Ebon Vanguard soldier of the Ebon Falcons. She may spawn as a random ally in explorable area's in Kryta.


Skills Used


"I lost everything in the Searing and wandered around for a long time before picked up by the Ebon Vanguard. When I'm with the Falcons, it feels like I'm home again."

Idle quotes

"I hope you have two gold coins for the rift wardens!"



  • Her idle quote is a reference to the popular, although inaccurate, myth that ancient Greeks would place two coins over the eyes of a corpse before burial, in order that the spirit might pay its way into the underworld. In actuality, Charon's obol was only a single coin, which was usually placed in the mouth.

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