The Nightmare Horde is the name of the forces of Kanaxai which are amassing in the depths of the Jade Sea (inside The Deep) and are starting to come out to the surface and assault Luxons in their home land. Putting an end to Kanaxai and his Nightmare Horde is the objective of the Deep mission.

The horde is formed of a mix of creatures:

  • The Outcasts, who are human, can be found in raiding parties along the eastern and southern parts of the Jade Sea as well as in the Deep.
  • Different breeds of Nightmares can be found raiding the Aurios Mines as well as in The Deep.
  • The Oni of the Deep and apparently their cousins the Oni that appear on the surface.
  • A mix of high level corrupted Jade Fish.
  • There are also corrupted Leviathan Fish found only in the deep.

The Jade Fish and Leviathan Fish found in the deep are presumed to be different, corrupted forms of their surface dwelling cousins as on the surface they will gladly fight with the Outcasts on several occasions.

Since the Horde's strongest presence is at The Aurios Mines, it is possible that the offshoot of the Deldrimor Dwarves (who are presumed to have been the original architects of those mines) dug too deep as in the classic story told of Moria in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

For a listing of all creatures in the horde, see Category:Nightmare Horde.

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