Species: Human
Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 5...20


Nehdukah is a boastful and cowardly pet tamer. He can remove a character's pet, allowing a new one to be charmed.

Quests Given



"I am a great handler and trainer of animals. I've had experience with just about any beast you can name. I'm always on the hunt for new and exotic animals to add to my collection."

What do you do with the animals you collect?

"You might consider me something of an animal lover. I've collected quite a zoo of the little things. Please return, if you find any animals you think I might like."

Skill used


  • If you give him your pet, it is impossible to get it back, you must charm a new one.
  • He will pay you 100 Gold if your pet is level 20.
  • If a Black Moa approaches Nehdukah, he runs away.

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