2010-07-05: Naga Hides


Nicholas the Traveler location 20100705

Nick's location this week

Farming locations

Rayain Cave map

Raiyan Cave

  • Suggested Farm #1: Raiyan Cave : The run is very easy just bring some damage and 1 heal. A run can net between 4 and 6 Naga Hides and takes about 5 minutes.
Minister Chos Estate explorable map

Beach near Minister Cho's Menagerie

Threats & recommended skills

  • Threats: Naga Wizards have Teinai's Prison @ 5 Water Magic. Unless you are using a character that is not yet level 20, no other real threats exist, as the Naga do not do enough damage to pose a threat.
  • Tactics: important tactics, for example pulling, choke points etc
  • Recommended skills: Bring attacks or spells that are affected by armor. Since the Naga are no higher than level 6, some high-powered attacks or spells can kill in one hit.

Solo farming

  • Suggested Solo #1: Run to Raiyan Cave from Tsumei Village and clear out the cave. On the way there, some of the Kappa will aggro, but you can avoid all groups on the way there, or run past them since they are not a threat. Any melee build works. Elementalists and Ritualists should spam direct-damage spells. Other caster professions can use SoS Spirit Spam.
  • Suggested Solo #2: Vanguard spiker works great. Bring Dwarven Stability and Dash and put out "You Move Like a Dwarf!".

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