Mysticism symbol

Mysticism's casting symbol
This symbol usually appears around the caster while casting a Mysticism spell.
(For details see: Skill animation)

Mysticism is one of the attributes of the Dervish profession.

It is a Dervish's primary attribute, this means only players who picked Dervish as their primary profession have access to this attribute and can spend attribute points to increase the attribute rank.


Each rank in Mysticism reduces the cost of your dervish enchantments by 4%. You have +1 armour per rank of Mysticism while you are enchanted

Associated skills

Mysticism will enhance these listed Mysticism skills. Several Mysticism skills are related to Energy management, healing (particularly self-healing) or holy damage. All five elite forms are also Mysticism skills.


  • The armour bonus stacks and does not count towards the cap.

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