Mysterious armor is exclusive to heroes


The following heroes have Mysterious armor as their default armor.

Master of Whispers Razah
MasterOfWhispers Mysterious front Razah Starter Front

The following heroes can obtain Mysterious armor from Mureh in The Shadow Nexus in exchange for one Mysterious Armor Piece.

Norgu Goren General Morgahn Zenmai Olias
Norgu Mysterious Armor Front Goren Mysterious Front General Morgahn Mysterious Armour Zenmai Mysterious Armor F gray front Olias TheShadowNexus Front


  • Mysterious armor crafted by Mureh in The Shadow Nexus (location) was previously called Ancient armor.
  • Although Razah and Master of Whisper's default armor is thematically categorized as "Mysterious armor", this does not qualify as "Hero Armor" for Hall of Monument's purposes.

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