Disambiguous This article is about the promotional hammer named Mursaat Maul. For the common hammer of a similar name, see Mursaat Hammer.
Mursaat Maul
Mursaat Maul
Mursaat Maul 2
Weapon details
Linked attribute(s):Hammer Mastery
Damage type(s):Blunt damage


The Mursaat Maul is a type of Hammer that deals Blunt damage. Its material is reminiscent to that of the Jade Armor and certain buildings in the advanced areas of Prophecies (e.g. Ring of Fire Islands). It is automatically customized for the character who obtains it, and has an empty inscription slot. It cannot be salvaged for materials.

Unlike Jade Armors and the original Mursaat Hammer, the bonus Mursaat weapons lack a crystalline refraction effect or "floating" animation.

Weapon stats



This Hammer can be obtained from Diane (Scribe) in:

In exchange for an authorized copy of Saul's Story.


Dye affects the whole weapon, but not the inventory icon..

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