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Movement speed defines how fast a character can run/walk from one point to another. It does not affect, nor is affected by, attack speed or activation time. Teleportation does not count for movement speed.

Due to a lack of standardized in-game distance or time measurement system, it is hard to meaningfully test movement speed objectively, especially with respect to skills or effects that affect movement speed for a short duration of time. Rough measurements indicate that strafe (sideways walk) speed is 3/4 forward speed, and backward walk speed is 2/3 forward speed. Diagonal forward-strafe speed is identical to forward speed; its direction is displaced roughly 30 degrees from forward. Diagonal backward-strafe speed is identical to backward speed; its direction is displaced 45 degrees from backward.


  • Movement speed enhancements will not stack to exceed +33% or -50%. However, individual skills can increase movement speed by up to +66% or decrease it by as much as -90%.
  • You can use one or more speed enhancements to counter speed debuffs such as Crippled.
  • Holding a bundle (such as a Vine Seed, catapult repair kit, Raw Amber Chunk, flag, or resurrection orb) will slow down your movement speed. Holding Ritualist ashes or a Relic in The Hall of Heroes does not slow you down.

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