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Mount Qinkai
Mount Qinkai
Basic Info
Campaign: Factions
Type: Explorable area
Part of: The Jade Sea
Aspenwood Gate (Luxon), Breaker Hollow,
Boreas Seabed (explorable)
Mount Qinkai map
(click to enlarge)

General Information

Area Name: Mount Qinkai
Region: The Jade Sea


Mount Qinkai is an explorable area in Cantha in the area of the Jade Sea. This area's placement is unique in that it allows players to access the Luxon side of Fort Aspenwood without going to Cavalon first. Getting to the Kurzick side requires going through House zu Heltzer, which requires the completion of the Sunjiang District mission.


Neighbor Cities, Missions, Outposts

Neighbor Areas











Mount Qinkai


  • Vanquisher Title: 125-190 foes killed. Does not include Kurzicks that spawn when the quest Scout the Coast is taken.
  • To avoid conflict or sudden Kurzick spawns, clear the area of all foes before accepting the quest from Scoutmaster Aerios.
  • You can easily vanquish this area by joining a MQSC group, it only takes around 5-6minutes.
  • The quest Charting the Jade Sea requires scouting five areas in this map. Therefore, it is worth picking up that quest before doing any substantive exploration or cartographic mapping of the area. it is recommended to finish the quest for this area before accepting Scout the Coast.
  • If you take the Scout the Coast quest, this induces some more chests to appear (near the Kurzick that appear), even such that Kurzick Attire appears in a Luxon chest.
  • This area accounts for approximately 2.1% of Cantha.

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