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  1. Speak to Chaplain Phyratyss in the Gate of Anguish.

Obtained from

Keeper Shafoss at Abaddon's Gate


Finding a Purpose (old version)



"It appears that my predecessor, Keeper Millzesh, the foul magic that lingers in this realm. He extorted gemstones from hapless travelers in exchange for access to the Heart of Abaddon. The gemstones have been confiscated and he has been relieved of duty. Those responsible for putting him in such a position of power, have been sacked. If not for the benevolence of my superiors he'd already be swinging from the gallows. If you fell victim to his extortion, speak to Chaplain Phyratyss in the Gate of Anguish to retrieve your gems.
Accept: "I shall speak with Chaplain Phyratyss immediately."
Decline: "Consider the gemstones a tip. I'm loaded."
When asked about quest: "Speak with Chaplain Phyratyss in the Gate of Anguish to recover your gemstones."

Reward Dialogue

I was told that Keeper Millzesh extorted gemstones from you in exchange for entry to the Heart of Abaddon. While I'm flattered that you would pay such a price to state[sic] my curiosity, his corruption is inexcusable. We have recovered the gems you gave him. They are rightfully yours.


  • After obtaining the quest, simply map to Gate of Anguish to receive your stones.


  • The line "Those responsible for putting him in such a position of power, have been sacked" is probably a reference to the opening credits of Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • Completing the old version of Finding a Purpose, which required 4 Anguish Gemstones, is a pre-requisite of this quest. Players who have completed the new version and recruited Razah without paying the gemstones cannot obtain this quest.

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