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Molotov Rocktail
Species: Devourer
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 28 (30)
Molotov Rocktail map location
Location in Dalada Uplands


Molotov Rocktail is a giant Devourer boss. He patrols in a north south pattern, about a radar in range. This patrol takes him very close to Horai Wingshielder. His aggro range seems to be about half the radar range, so be wary.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • His aggro bubble is considerably larger than normal
  • Devourer Siege is by far the worst threat: it is a quickly activated ranged skill that does 600 fire damage to any foes within the blast radius, and can wipe your entire party. This can be countered by drawing the initial salvo to a single target, and then engaging in melee, as the skill cannot target anyone near him.
  • He can be succesfully tanked riding a Siege Devourer. One can be found directly West of his spawning location.
  • He can be knocked down, and his Devourer Siege can be interrupted this way (though this is very hard to achieve).
  • Pain Inverter can be a good way to take care of him, especially in Normal Mode.
  • A small group of Devourers will pop-up near his spawning location. This is rarely triggered as he will approach you much sooner.


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