Mohby Windbeak
Mohby Windbeak
Species: Leviathan Fish
Profession: Mesmer
Level(s): 28
Mohby windbeak location
Location in Gyala Hatchery
Zcoins This article has an associated Zaishen Challenge Quest.


Mohby Windbeak is a Leviathan Eye boss roaming Gyala Hatchery (explorable).


Skills used

Items dropped


  • If Mohby has echoed another skill before dying, his Echo will be replaced with the other skill. If you want to capture Echo, but it does not show up in the capture skill list, wait for 30 seconds and use Signet of Capture again.
  • It appears he isn't a part of any group around him. From the top of the surf, he can be lured with a longbow and separated from all nearby enemies.


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