Moddok Crevice
Moddok Crevice
Basic Info
Campaign: Nightfall
Type: Mission location
Part of: Kourna
Bahdok Caverns,
The Floodplain of Mahnkelon

For information on the mission, see Moddok Crevice (mission).


A smuggler's camp hidden behind the Waterworks of Mankelon [sic], the Crevice is for those who don't want to be found, those who aren't looking, and those who just want to be left alone. Residents keep to themselves and strongly suggest that you do the same.

Getting there

Complete either the Pogahn Passage mission or the Rilohn Refuge mission.

Moddok Crevice is located to the northeast of Kodonur Crossroads.






  • If you are playing Nightfall with a graphics card at an unsupported 32MB capacity (official requirement is at 64MB), you may still reach as far as this location, but you will be unable to progress further.

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