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Rune Traders are NPCs that can be found in every town. They sell all available Runes and Insignia unless they are currently sold out due to high demand. They also buy all Runes and Insignia unless they are overstocked due to high supply. Like all specialized Traders, their prices are dynamically determined, according to supply and demand.

Rune Trader LocationsEdit

All known rune traders are listed here, organized by campaign and location (in the order of the storyline progression).


Prophecies CampaignEdit

Factions CampaignEdit

Nightfall CampaignEdit

Eye of the North ExpansionEdit

Other NotesEdit

  • If you are in a Guild with a Guild Hall, there may also be a Rune Trader there if the service has been purchased from the Guild Lord.
  • Rune traders will not normally sell any Rune or Insignia for less than 100 gold, even if the item would be purchased for much less by the trader or a merchant.

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