Minion masters are characters who specialize in maintaining large armies of Minions. These builds are popular in PvE for missions and vanquishing because the enemy AI has trouble dealing with the undead hordes. The most common variations are the Discordway and Sabway teams, which include the 3 Necromancer heroes (Livia, Master of Whispers, and Olias).


Minion masters are highly effective because they both distract and block foes from key party members:

  • PvE enemies tend to target low-health foes first;
  • With large numbers of minions, melee damage dealers find it hard to reach spellcasters.
  • The minions are able to be used as sacrificial bombs, disease or condition carriers, or other distractions.


The maximum number of minions is limited to half a character's Death Magic rank plus two, i.e. Max = 2 + Death/2. This allows Necromancers to generate up to 10 minions at a time (using a Superior Rune of Death Magic on their headgear), whereas other professions are limited to 8.

However, Ritualists can also make excellent minion masters using skills that enhance or trigger off of summoned creatures, e.g. Boon of Creation and Explosive Growth.


Historical note Historical note: At one time, Minion Mancer or Minionmancer was a popular name for this type of character, since they are more often Necromancers.

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