Minaars Trouble Map

Map To Minaar Stonesledge


  1. Find Minaar Stonesledge in Iron Horse Mine.
  2. Escort Minaar back to Traveler's Vale.
  3. Return to Rangil Ironbow for your reward.

Obtained from

Rangil Ironbow in Traveler's Vale


Prophecies Character


500 XP
Tall Shield: Armor 7 (req. 5 Tactics) (Note: The tall shield has the same skin as a Summit Warlord Shield.)
Focus Item: Energy +7 (req. 5 Healing Prayers)


"The Stone Summit have taken a good friend o' mine prisoner. His name is Minaar Stonesledge. I've tracked 'em to the Iron Horse Mines, just west o' here. They mean to work him to death, like all the others. But I won't let it happen! There's a bit o' a problem, though. I don't think I can rescue him meself. Think you can get him out of there?"


Minaar's Worry


Once you enter the Iron Horse Mine area, head north into the mine. Minaar Stonesledge can be found just inside the entrance of the actual mine in the Iron Horse Mine zone, past some Snow Ettins. Talk to him and lead him back to Rangil Ironbow in Traveler's Vale. Once you get your reward, Rangil will give you the Minaar's Worry quest.

Tip: If you have the quest The Wayward Monk active, you can use Cynn as an extra damage dealer.

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