Mikahl Hintohn
Mikahl Hintohn
Species: Human
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 20


Mikahl Hintohn can be found on guard duty near the central exit of the Citadel of Dzagon in the Wilderness of Bahdza region.



"Can I see your weapon? Oooh. It's better than mine. You want to trade? Is it customized? Did you find it in Vabbi? You find the best stuff in Vabbi. I need a better weapon to advance in the arena. That's what's wrong: my bad equipment"


(while on guard duty)

"You know why monks are always skulking around in the back? Because they're sneaky. I don't trust 'em back there. I don't trust 'em at all."
"Didn't we fight once? In the arena? I'm sure I remember your name."

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