1. Go to the town square in Ascalon City. Talk to Sir Tydus.

Obtained from

Town Crier in Ascalon City


Prophecies Pre-Searing Character



"Excuse me, you're <name>, aren't you? I think Sir Tydus was looking for you. He said he has some good news for you."
Accept: "I like good news."
Reject: "Leave me be."

Reward Dialogue

"There you are, my friend. I am glad you are here. I have news that I think you'll appreciate."


This is the first quest for a Tyrian-born character and as would be expected, the most trivial. Just walk across the bridge, you'll find Sir Tydus with an exclamation mark over his head. Speak with him for your reward.


  • This quest will not be available after completing your <primary profession> Test quest. However, under yet undetermined conditions, it may become available again.
  • To do this quest, you cannot have War Preparations active.

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