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  • Hi Ariyen,

    I wish to leave guildwars wikia. I've remove as much as I could myself but unfortunately I cannot edit an archived talk page  see here . Could you remove the my comment (the complete userbox section) or replace my username and avatar with something generic? And to prevent inception this post can also be deleted. I am very gratefull if you could help me with this.

    Kind Regards

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  • Hi! Lyra

    The reason I'm leaving a message on your wall is to seek permission to use the introduction of this wiki's Manual of Style guide for the DragonVale wiki's MoS. Actually, a few community members from DragonVale wiki have been working on the MoS project and it was once suggested by a user to include an introduction similar to this wiki's MoS. I didn't want to just copy and paste it to DragonVale's wiki MoS, so I thought of informing a staff member here first. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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    • That is actually Guildwiki's MoS and I'd suggest contacting them on the curse site of guildwiki dot org or finding the administrators on guild wars 2's official wiki and asking on their talk page to get their attention. Or leaving a message on their pages here and see if they'd respond.  I do not think this Admin has yet to change everything over into fan fiction. Could be busy with real life.

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    • Hello! Thank you so much for the reply! I'll try to contact them there.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, I'd like to talk some about the future of this wiki, and I think it might be easiest to do that via chat. Are you on Skype at all? Or we could turn on chat for this wiki and use that? What do you think?

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    • er, my reply got eaten...  let me retype everything:

      The way I see it, the fanon/fanfic content would be copy-pasted into the new namespace, leaving the history of the canon articles in the main namespace.  Only case where entire article would get moved to the new namespace would be if it was an entirely made-up article.  Thus there would be no holes left behind.

      It would be about equal in difficulty compared to reparing the "damage" that has been done.  More work, but same difficulty.  And either way it would need the effort of people who are both interested in this specific wiki as well as knowledgable about the game.

      "The fact that you are both trying to dissuade me suggests there are still people who still have an interest in the game." <- while I don't necessarily disagree with the conclusion, I don't think the facts lead to the conclusion.  Old-timers like Felix could just be interested in this wiki, and could've lost interested in the game already.  I know when I was still active here 10 years ago, I already noticed I spent way way more time on this wiki compared to actually playing the game.  The reason I barely contributed to the official wiki (which the in-game help system references) and contributed mostly here probably was also a reflection that I was interested in this wiki way more than I was interested in the game.

      and it's nice to see you too (-:

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    • Ugg, I do keep getting pulled away from this. PamSola I like your thoughts, Although I tend to think a new wiki (or the existing fanon wiki) might be better - but how would you identify those pages?

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Template:Ban is broken. Please ban User: , that's a repeat spammer. Also, I suddenly remembered why Wikia sucks. Thank you. -- 05:59, May 17, 2012 (UTC)

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