Location Crafter Armor Gold Istani Sunspear E. Sunspear Vabbian Ancient Primeval
Kamadan, Jewel of Istan Mehinu 15 20 Gold 1 Tanned Hide Square 1 Bolt of Cloth        
Jokanur Diggings Pasu 30 75 Gold 2 Tanned Hide Square 2 Bolt of Cloth        
Blacktide Den Sulee 45 200 Gold 3 Tanned Hide Square
3 Bolt of Cloth
3 Tanned Hide Square
3 Bolt of Cloth
Consulate Docks
Command Post
60 1 Platinum 25 Tanned Hide Square
4 Leather Square
25 Bolt of Cloth
4 Bolt of Silk
Ascended armor
Command Post Ahamid 60 15 Platinum     50 Bolt of Cloth
5 Bolt of Silk
The Kodash Bazaar Mateneh 5 Platinum       25 Bolt of Cloth
4 Elonian Leather Square
2 Ruby
2 Sapphire
Bone Palace Palmod 10 Platinum         50 Tanned Hide Square
5 Elonian Leather Square
Throne of Secrets Keeper of Armor 15 Platinum           50 Bolt of Cloth
5 Fur Square

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