Mercenaries are look-alikes of your characters that act as heroes.


Hero slots can be purchased from the online store. They come in 3 packs: 1, 3 or 8 slots, are linked to a particular account, and accumulate up to 8, which is the maximum number of hero slots allowed on a single account.

Each character on that account can register itself, filling a slot with a look-alike that is lobotomized and stripped of all runes.

Have your character talk to a Mercenary Registrar to active the mercenaries as heroes.


Any mercenary can be used and equipped by any other character on your account, the same way as a hero.

Note: like any other hero, it must be equipped for each of your characters seperately. Only its appearance is shared.


The mercenary hero will look exactly like the character it represents, at the moment it was registered, with the following exceptions:

  • costumes and headgear is always shown, regardless of visibility settings on the character - you should physically remove them if you do not want them on your hero
  • guild capes are not shown


A mercenary will remain available even if the original character is deleted. It can be purposely deleted, after which the slot is available again.

Mercenary heroes have been observed to recover their weapons and runes when restored immeditately after deletion. To attempt recovery: register the same character again in the same mercenary slot it occupied before.

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