Meika Ulrikar
Meika Ulrikar
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Meika Ulrikar is with the group of Kurzicks who have fled Cantha and are searching for refuge in Kryta. She has fallen in love with Dalos Ekarus of the hostile Luxons and tried to convince her father, Baron Ulrikar, to cast aside arms.

Her father and the rest of Kurzicks were kicked out of Tyria because of several violent clashes with the Luxon refugees, but Meika and Dalos decided to stay in Kryta and become peaceful citizens. They can be found within the North Kryta province area near Miraba, standing next to each other.

Quests Given



"My entire life I've been taught to hate the Luxons, but my love for Dalos has opened my eyes. Luxons are no different than us. This senseless bloodshed must stop!"

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