Master Librarian Antohneoss
Master Librarian Antohneoss
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Master Librarian Antohneoss is the head librarian of Prince Mehtu the Wise's library.



"My name is Antohneoss. Say it with me, "Antohneoss". Rolls off the tongue like morning dew on a leaf, yes? Mehtu the Wise has bestowed upon me the honor of running his great Library. I take my job seriously. Some might say I run things with an iron fist, but I am a fair man. Always... no, no... never... forget to check your references."


  • This NPC is a reference to Quintus Antonius, the former moderator of the GWO Lore Forum.
  • 'Always... no, no... never... forget to check your references.' This is a direct quote from the movie Real Genius.

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