Mary Farson
Mary Farson
Species: Human
Level(s): 20


Mary Farson is a widowed wife whose husband and child were killed by the White Mantle. She is joining the Shining Blade together with Ralph Bronwell, John Bronwell and Gavin at the Shining Blade Camp in Talmark Wilderness so she may get revenge on the White Mantle.



"Have you ever seen a lynx protecting her cub? Few things in Kryta are more dangerous, but the beast will still be predictable. She will always stand between you and her cub and never wander far from them. Kill her cub, however, and you will unleash a fury in her heart that no one can predict. Seemingly random but, in truth precise and calculated, the lynx will stop at nothing to end your life. The Mantle took my cub. They took everything from me except my life, and I will gladly sacrifice that for a chance to strike at their heart as they struck at mine."


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