Market Merchant
Market Merchant
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


The Market Merchant is a generic NPC who appears in Wajjun Bazaar randomly. If he is there, Zenku will also be there, but Ling will not. Zenku will steal from him and run away towards the cliffs, prompting a nearby Canthan Guard to give chase. Eventually they end up at the entrance into Nahpui Quarter and disappear.

They appear to serve no other purpose than to show the way to Nahpui Quarter.



The scripted dialogue with Zenku and a nearby Canthan Guard:

Market Merchant: "Stop! Thief!"
Canthan Guard: "Don't worry, I'll catch him."

When talked to, he randomly uses one of these lines:

"I would love to be able to travel to exotic lands like Ascalon or Kryta."
"I've heard rumors that wild Tengu roam the rooftops at night, preying upon the foolish."
"If I were you, I'd stay away from the sewers. I haven't heard of anybody coming back from down there lately."
"Salt is getting very expensive now that traders from Elona aren't coming any longer."
"The Celestial Ministry has raised our taxes again! Something about a new plague defense program."


  • The Canthan Guard runs faster than Zenku. As a result, if the players entered Wajjun Bazaar from Nahpui Quarter, they may get the impression that Zenku is chasing the Canthan Guard instead.

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