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2010-07-26: Mandragor Swamproots


Nicholas the Traveler location 20100726

Nick's location this week

Farming locations

Blacktide Den spawn map

Mandragor popups are the red dots

  • Suggested Farm #1: Farm Lahtenda Bog, especially the area southeast of Blacktide Den.

Threats & recommended skills

  • Threats: Stance removal by Wild Blow, enchantment removal by Chilblains, and poison, weakness,and bleeding. Weakness also allows for knockdown. Slithers have an interrupt.
  • Tactics: Pulling can be difficult because mandragors are popups.

Solo farming

See above for the most common solo builds.

  • 55 monks, 130 dervishes, and terra tanks will not work due to enchantment removal
  • Suggested Solo #1: A variant of PvX:Build:D/Mo VoS IDS Farmer. Change the run skill to something more useful.

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