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Gwen and Keiran split Edit

Gwen's had enough already! She caught Keiran Thackeray in the bathroom with old photos of Evennia, his ex-girlfriend, and photos of a bunch of loose Ritualists from Kaineng City. She's pregnant with their first child, but he'll now be the baby daddy she's always wanted. Mhenlo will be her attorney in the divorce settlement and you can already see the two of them have a thing going.

Meanwhile, Gwen continues to ask herself over and over again in her head, "Why oh why did Prince Rurik have to die?? Those %@&^*!! Charr!"

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Current news Edit

Newly... edited articles, created articles, updated discussions, uploaded images

Game basics Edit

  • Guides – Learn from others' experiences and then you shall know "kung fu". As with Kung Fu, you learn more about your mental and physical abilities.
  • Interface – What you see on your screen is not white.
  • Game mechanics – How damage, energy, health, etc. work. This is GUILD WARS basic style.
  • Glossary – A reference for the lingo. you shall know l33t after this.
  • Avoid common scams from in-game hustlers. Always remember, the cake is a lie.

Guilds, professions, skills, and gear Edit

  • Almost everything, sorted by profession is here.
  • The different character classes and their Elites, mental attitudes, and skills.
  • The Armor you need, the Runes for the bonuses you desire and your mental attitude improvement.
  • WeaponsUpgrade, inscribe, and modify your weapon to help with your kung fu (your physical and mental abilities).
    • Unique itemsSpecial gear that you will have to pry from a boss' dead cold hands.
  • ItemsMiscellaneous Items that can be obtained.
    • You will need materials to craft your armor and weapons for your kung fu.
    • Consumables – Grant temporary effects to help increase your kung fu.
    • Dye your armor and weapons to look cool, but some weapons cannot be dyed.
    • Miniatures – Birthday presents and special game awards. This is for the "cuteness" in you.
    • Salvage items and Trophies – Loot from your slain foes. "Much Kung Fu, you have."
    • Books – Track your kung fu progress throughout the game.
  • Guilds – How to create and maintain a Guild full of Kung Fu people like you.
    • Alliances – Groups of guilds full of Kung Fu people that have banded together.
  • Heroes and Henchmen – Managing NPCs in your party that help your kung fu.
  • Titles – Your personal in-game kung fu type achievements. "Way to go!"
  • Builds – Combinations of skills and suggestions of Builds are at PvXwiki.

Gameplay types Edit

PvE – Player vs. EnvironmentEdit

PvP – Player vs. PlayerEdit

  • The Battle Isles hosts PvP fights and tutorials.
  • There are 4 on 4 quick games, 8 on 8 International tournaments, 8 on 8 Ladder-based competition between guilds, 12 on 12 to conquer new territory for your faction, 4 on 4 matches that use limited set of skills of which changes daily, 8 on 8 missions with NPCs.

We have some fan fiction articles and we could use your help with more. Edit

  • Register to keep track of your contributes here as all are welcome and encouraged to participate.
  • Contributes of many kung fu people helps to make the wiki successful.
  • See these articles and follow the guidelines for improvement of this wiki's kung fu.
  • Recommendation: – Please read our site policy, before you start making contributions.
  • Make Suggestions to help us improve our kung fu (our wiki).

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