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Mahgo Hydra
Mahgo Hydra
Species: Hydra
Profession: Elementalist
Level(s): 24 (26)


Mahgo Hydras are among the most fearsome monsters in Prophecies. In packs of more than two, they can use devastating Fire Magic spells to quickly wipe out a party that is not properly prepared. Unlike their brethren, Mahgo Hydras strike with fire damage in melee combat.


Skills used

Items dropped


  • Mahgo Hydras use Glyph of Renewal, so expect them to recast spells quickly.
  • Despite being casters, hydras use melee attacks on close targets rather than the wand of a typical caster.
  • Players use four main techniques to avoid their massive AoE damage:
    • Keep the party moving and spread out, lest Meteor Showers pummel everyone at once.
    • Reduce or limit the amount of damage the hydras can deal out, using Protection Prayers such as Protective Spirit and Protective Bond.
    • Prevent their casting spells, using multiple interrupts (e.g. Complicate or Guilt) or spell-disabling skills (e.g. Power Block, which is particularly effective, since these hydras only cast Fire Magic).
    • Slow their rate of casting, especially using skills that apply the Dazed condition. (This also allows any attack to interrupt them.)

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