Maguuma Spider
Species: Spider
Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 16 (25)


Maguuma Spiders often descend to the battle from trees. Because of that they may cause trouble by suddenly increasing the number of enemies. They can also inflict Poisoned and Crippled conditions.


Skills used

Normal Mode

Hard Mode

Items dropped

Spider Queen

Spider Queen
Spider Queen
Species: Spider
Profession: Ranger
Level(s): 16 (20)

The Spider Queen is the queen of Maguuma Spiders and appears only in the second cutscene of The Wilds mission. As she begins to devour the last remaining Captured Chosen, a Shining Blade Scout rushes in to prevent this. Quickly, the scout and queen kill each other and spiders begin appearing everywhere to avenge her royal highness' death.

Spider Queen Notes

  • She appears only in a cutscene of The Wilds (mission). Consequently, she will not drop items and players cannot interact with her. However, her corpse can be exploited.
  • She is seen using only one skill, Apply Poison Apply Poison (in Hard Mode only)
  • The Spider Queen is probably responsible for killing all the Chosen who are already dead when the players arrive.
  • Her royal highness has a lower level than all other regular Maguuma Spiders (as discovered in Hard Mode).
Anomaly Anomaly! Due to her use of Apply Poison in Hard Mode, the cutscene will appear strange as the camera changes view too quickly while the Queen is still activating her preparation.

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