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Magistrate Raisung
Species: Human
Profession: Collector
Level(s): 20


"With this plague running rampant throughout the city, the emperor's forces are stretched too thin, and a number of rogue guilds have taken advantage of the chaos. As a result of numerous complaints that have been filed with the Celestial Ministry, the emperor has hereby declared all members of the Am Fah enemies of Cantha. He has placed a bounty on all of this guild's members. Bring me 5 Plague Idols, and I shall give you this in return:"

Collector Items



Magistrate Raisung

Location: Bukdek Byway, east out of The Marketplace, past Minister Onghsang
Collecting: 5 Plague Idols

Professions Item Name Armor Other Modifiers Value
Warrior Warrior's Canthan Leggings 80 Armor + 20 (vs physical) 70 Gold
Ranger Ranger's Canthan Leggings 70 Energy recovery +1
Armor +30 (vs. elemental attacks)
70 Gold
Monk Monk's Canthan Pants 60 Energy recovery +1 70 Gold
Necromancer Necromancer's Canthan Leggings 60 Energy recovery +1 70 Gold
Mesmer Mesmer's Canthan Hose 60 Energy recovery +1 70 Gold
Elementalist Elementalist's Canthan Leggings 60 Energy recovery +1 70 Gold
Ritualist Ritualist's Canthan Leggings 60 Energy recovery +1 70 Gold
Assassin Assassin's Canthan Leggings 70 Energy recovery +1 70 Gold

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