Luxon Peasant
Luxon Peasant mLuxon Peasant m2Luxon Peasant fLuxon Peasant f2
Species: Human
Level(s): 10


Luxon Peasants are the average people of the Luxon Armada.



"Daeman, Champion of the Crab is much stronger than either Argo or Aurora."
"Rumor has it that the Turtle and the Serpent are embroiled in a dispute over the use of Gyala Hatchery."
"Simple jade has lost its value... we have an entire sea of it now!"
"The reavers of the Crab are the best at finding and reaving the most potent jade from the sea."
"The jade in some places is infused with energy, that's the truly valuable stuff."
"Those who mine the jade from the sea are referred to as reavers. It's a tradition from our nautical heritage."

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