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Luxon Commander
Luxon Commander
Species: Human
Level(s): 20

Luxon Commander briefs players on the situation for the Fort Aspenwood mission.

Quests Involved In



"We will see how strong you are. Today we assault Fort Aspenwood! We must stop the construction of the Gods' Vengeance weapon that guards the amber reserves. If we fail, the Kurzicks will gain the upper hand. Use our turtles wisely, for they can shatter the fort walls like they were made of glass!
What questions do you have?"

Remind me of the current situation.

"The envoys informed you of the blow inflicted upon Shiro, but that he still lives. The loss of both the Urn of Saint Viktor and the Spear of Archemorus are grave developments, indeed."

How goes the war effort?

"We are aware of Shiro's defeat and are again focused on our war with the Kurzicks. Those tree-singing rock-huggers are desecrating the sacred land, and we must do everything we can to stop them. Prove your loyalty to our people by gaining more faction and joining the war effort."

I need combat advice. What can you teach me?

"1. Wrest control of the Kurzick amber mines. Doing so will allow you to resurrect there, and will prevent your enemies from repairing damaged gates.
2. The main objective is to elimiate the Kurzick Master Architect.
3. Use the commanders to order siege turtles to breach the gates.
4. Protect your commanders from harm. If they are killed, you must eliminate the enemies controlling the command point to resurrect them.
5. Be on the offensive and prevent the Kurzicks from firing their weapon.
6. The turtles are mobile siege weapons; keep them alive. Employ Spirits and protection spells to keep the turtles alive.
7. Killing Kurzick NPCs is advantageous, but you may resort to eliminating Kurzick human players as well.
8. Area-of-effect damage and degeneration through Hexes or Conditions are effective weapons against the enemy."

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