Species: Human
Level(s): 15


Lunmor provides the briefing for the Blacktide Den mission.



Warning: The following text contains spoilers relating to the plot of Nightfall Campaign.

"Hrmph. Took you long enough to get here. What were you doing, visiting your weak, old grandmother?
Get to it, people are relying on you."
Tell me about past events.
"That girl, Tahlkora, found out about a deal being made between that corsair, Ironfist, and one of the Kournan generals. She thinks she knows how to find Ironfist. If that deal goes through, we're all in trouble."
Tell me about current events.
"Tahlkora thinks the meeting between Ironfist and Kahyet, the Kournan general, will happen in the deep bayou. You're going to have to get pretty close to find out what's going on between them. You may need disguises."
Please give me some tips.
"1. Disease and other Conditions may be prevalent in the area. Make sure Tahlkora or Dunkoro can remove them.
2. If your party gets Diseased, move apart to avoid spreading it.
3. Normally, killing the enemy healers first is your best course of action. In here, concentrate on killing those placing Conditions on your party."
Replay the mission cinematic.

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