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Lunar Token
Lunar Token
Subtype Reward trophy
Rarity Common
Value 0 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Factions

Lunar Tokens are a reward trophy that is only available during special events.


  • 25 tokens per quest for the Canthan New Year Festival Quests, for a total of 150 per character.
  • 3 tokens for winning in the Dragon Arena.
  • In the Dragon Nest Boardwalk game:
    • 10 token for the top scorer
    • 2 token per opponent outscored for the top 3 scorers
    • 1 token to everyone for playing
  • 7, 5, 3, or 2 tokens for the top four finishers, respectively, in Rollerbeetle Racing.
  • 1 token for each ingredient given to the imperial chefs during the finale event.
  • Random drops from monsters.


Lunar Fortune Giver

Location: Shing Jea Monastery
Collecting: 3 Lunar Tokens

Lunar Fortune

Lunar Gift Keeper

Location: Shing Jea Monastery, Lion's Arch, Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Collecting: 5 Lunar Tokens

Red Gift Bag

Festival games


  • It is more profitable to convert Lunar Tokens to Lunar Fortunes by playing with Lucky Hochei; however the speed at which the games progress mean that you can generally have earned more tokens elsewhere than you save playing his game.

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