Disambiguous This article is about the Lost Soul that appears in the Underworld. For other uses, see Lost Soul.
Lost Soul (Labyrinth)
Species: Ghost
Level(s): 15


The Lost Soul is a ghost wanting to wander the Underworld but is fearful of the Grasping Darknesses and Terrorweb Dryders in the Labyrinth.

The Lost Soul has achieved legendary status as a death trap because many new comers to the Underworld rush to it to accept the quest it is offering only to swarm the area with enemies and cause total party wipe out. It is important to instruct players new to the Underworld to resist the temptation of the big floating green arrow on top of this soul's head.

Other ghosts in the area include: Anson, Sarah, Renault and Benton.

Quests Given


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