Lorespinner Emmah Li
Lorespinner Emmah Li
Species: Human
Profession: NPC
Level(s): 10


Lorespinner Emmah Li is one of the characters found during the Canthan New Year 2007 event to inform the players.



"Happy New Year! In Cantha, each year is named after one of the great celestial animals. This is the Year of the Pig!"

Okay, I'll bite. Why a pig?

"Each animal is associated with a set of virtues. The Pig is traditionally honest, tolerant, and supportive in Canthan folktales. Once when humans first walked the world, a man named Chong embodied these virtues, and when the end of his years came, the gods wished to elevate him as a celestial animal. Because he shared those virtues with a humble pig, he chose that as his celestial form. So this year at Shing Jea Monastery, his celestial form descends from the heavens for a great feast. You should not miss it... it will be twelve years before he comes again.
Thank you. And have a happy New Year!

Great. I'll keep that in mind. Now I have important matters I must attend to.

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