Lord Valodor
Species: Ghost
Profession: Warrior
Level(s): 20


Lord Valodor was one of the soldiers who stood by Turai Ossa. He informs the player about the Thirsty River mission, which you must complete in order to proceed in the game and reach Ascension.



Before Thirsty River:
Lord Valodor: "I stood before Turai Ossa at the battle of Jahai. I was there when he vanquished Palawa Joko. And I carried him from the field of battle when he finally fell at the hands of the Forgotten, here in the Crystal Desert. Ascension is only available to those who are worthy of rising from the ranks of humanity. Seek out the Thirsty River, to the east. There you will prove your worth and be cleansed of your earthy imperfections." (sic)
After Thirsty River:
Lord Valodor: "The sins of the day have been burned away by the spiritual flames. You are now cleansed and prepared to be judged. Let us hope you are up to the tasks that lie ahead. May Turai make a good companion on your journey to the Hall."

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