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  1. Search Sunqua Vale for Talon Silverwing.

Obtained From

Headmaster Zhan in Shing Jea Monastery


Seek Out Headmaster Zhan



"To become a great warrior, or even a good one, you will need a vast amount of training. Each great journey, however, begins with just one step. To make your first step, seek out Talon Silverwing in Sunqua Vale. He is a great Tengu Warrior, and there is much he can teach you."

Reward Dialogue

"I assume Headmaster Zhan sent you. Well, let's have a look at you. Yes, the headmaster is a shrew judge of potential as well as a great Warrior. During the wars known in these lands as the Tengu Wars, General Zhan bested me on the battlefield. He saw something in me, then, and spared my life. I am sworn now to protect and serve him. If he wishes you trained, then trained you will be."


Talon's Duel


He gives you a Starter Sword and the skill Sever Artery. Head northwest out of Shing Jea Monastery into Sunqua Vale, then continue heading to the north-northwest to find Talon Silverwing.

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