1. Travel to the bandit camp.
  2. Retrieve Lo Sha's stolen gift.
  3. See Lo Sha for your reward.

Obtained From

Lo Sha in Kinya Province.


Track Down Lo Sha



Friend, I must confide in you: I purchased a gift for Mei Ling, a magnificent ornate box imbued with her favorite music, but some of those Crimson Skull thugs ambushed me on the road and stole it. Would you sneak into the Crimson Skull's camp and retrieve the ornate box for me? I would be most grateful. I only hope Mei Ling appreciates all my trouble.

Reward Dialogue

"Thank you. This thing was not cheap, you know."


An Audience with Master Togo


The patrols can be avoided if you would like. There are four Crimson Skull guarding the Chest containing the ornate box, so killing them is all that is needed. They are all level three, so it will be an easy fight. After getting the ornate box, return to Lo Sha to get your reward.

If you do avoid the patrols this is an easy quest for any level.

Bug Bug! Having The Rampaging Yetis quest activated along with this one will result in no quest item spawning and no arrow indicator of the quest direction.

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