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List of Insignia

NameIconBonusCampaign AvailabilityArmor with this Bonus Inherently


SurvivorSurvivor InsigniaHealth +15 (on chest armor)
Health +10 (on leg armor)
Health +5 (on other armor)
Factions (PvP only), Nightfall

Warrior-icon-smallBerserker's (F), Ranger-icon-smallExplorer's (F), Monk-icon-smallShepherd's (F), Necromancer-icon-smallRevenant's (F), Mesmer-icon-smallMasquerade (F), Elementalist-icon-smallArchmage's (F), Assassin-icon-smallValkyrie's (F), Ritualist-icon-smallHarbinger's (F), Paragon-icon-smallOverseer's (N beta), Dervish-icon-smallNomad's (N beta)

RadiantRadiant InsigniaEnergy +3 (on chest armor)
Energy +2 (on leg armor)
Energy +1 (on other armor)
All (PvP only), Nightfall

Warrior-icon-smallGladiator's (P/F), Ranger-icon-smallDruid's (P/F), Monk-icon-smallAscetic's (P/F), Necromancer-icon-smallScar Pattern (P)/Cabalist's (F), Mesmer-icon-smallEnchanter's (P/F), Assassin-icon-smallShrouded (F)/Zodiac Shroud (F beta), Ritualist-icon-smallHalcyon's (F), Paragon-icon-smallTemplar's (N beta), Dervish-icon-smallSoothsayer's (N beta)

StalwartStalwart InsigniaArmor +10 (vs. physical damage)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Monk-icon-smallJudge's (P/F), Mesmer-icon-smallRogue's (P/F), Elementalist-icon-smallBattlemage's (F)

Brawler'sBrawler's InsigniaArmor +10 (while attacking)All (PvP only), Nightfall


BlessedBlessed InsigniaArmor +10 (while affected by an Enchantment Spell)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Monk-icon-smallAcolyte's (F), Mesmer-icon-smallCharlatan's (F), Elementalist-icon-smallTempest (F)

Herald'sHerald's InsigniaArmor +10 (while holding an item)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Ritualist-icon-smallOracle's (F)

Sentry'sSentry's InsigniaArmor +10 (while in a stance)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Warrior-icon-smallLegionnaire's (F), Ranger-icon-smallSentry's (F), Mesmer-icon-smallSavant's (F)

Warrior-icon Warrior

Knight'sKnight's Insignia (Warrior)Received physical damage -3All (PvP only), Nightfall

Warrior-icon-smallKnight's (P/F)

StonefistStonefist Insignia (Warrior)Increases knockdown time of foes by 1 second. (Maximum: 3 seconds) (Non-stacking)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Warrior-icon-smallStoneskin/Stonefist Gauntlets (P/F)

DreadnoughtDreadnought Insignia (Warrior)Armor +10 (vs. elemental damage)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Warrior-icon-smallDragon (P), Platemail (P), Wyvern (P), Dreadnought's (F)

Sentinel'sSentinel's Insignia (Warrior)Armor +20 (Requires 13 Strength, vs. elemental damage)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Warrior-icon-smallSentinel's Armor (F)

Lieutenant'sLieutenant's Insignia (Warrior)Reduces Hex durations on you by 20% and damage dealt by you by 5% (Non-stacking)
Armor -20
All (PvP only), Nightfall

Warrior-icon-smallLieutenant's Helm (P)

Ranger-icon Ranger

FrostboundFrostbound Insignia (Ranger)Armor +15 (vs. Cold damage)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Ranger-icon-smallFur-Lined (P), Frostbound (F)

PyreboundPyrebound Insignia (Ranger)Armor +15 (vs. Fire damage)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Ranger-icon-smallDrakescale (P), Pyrebound (F)

StormboundStormbound Insignia (Ranger)Armor +15 (vs. Lightning damage)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Ranger-icon-smallStudded Leather (P), Stormbound (F)

Scout'sScout's Insignia (Ranger)Armor +10 (while using a Preparation)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Ranger-icon-smallScout's (F)

EarthboundEarthbound Insignia (Ranger)Armor +15 (vs. Earth damage)Nightfall


Beastmaster'sBeastmaster's Insignia (Ranger)Armor +10 (while your pet is alive)Nightfall


Monk-icon Monk

Wanderer'sWanderer's Insignia (Monk)Armor +10 (vs. elemental damage)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Monk-icon-smallWanderer's (P/F)

Disciple'sDisciple's Insignia (Monk)Armor +15 (while affected by a Condition)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Monk-icon-smallDisciple's (F)

Anchorite'sAnchorite's Insignia (Monk)Armor +5 (while recharging 1 or more Skills)
Armor +5 (while recharging 3 or more Skills)
Armor +5 (while recharging 5 or more Skills)


Necromancer-icon Necromancer

BloodstainedBloodstained Insignia (Necromancer)Reduces casting time of spells that exploit corpses 25% (Non-stacking)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Necromancer-icon-smallBloodstained Boots (P/F)

Tormentor'sTormentor's Insignia (Necromancer)Armor +10
Light damage you receive increased by 6 (on chest armor)
Light damage you receive increased by 4 (on leg armor)
Light damage you receive increased by 2 (on other armor)
All (PvP only), Nightfall

Necromancer-icon-smallTormentor's (P/F)

BonelaceBonelace Insignia (Necromancer)Armor +15 (vs. Piercing damage)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Necromancer-icon-smallBonelace (P/F)

Minion Master'sMinion Master's Insignia (Necromancer)Armor +5 (while you control 1 or more minions)
Armor +5 (while you control 3 or more minions)
Armor +5 (while you control 5 or more minions)
Factions (PvP only), Nightfall

Necromancer-icon-smallMinion Master's (F)

Blighter'sBlighter's Insignia (Necromancer)Armor +20 (while affected by a Hex Spell)Factions (PvP only), Nightfall

Necromancer-icon-smallBlighter's (F)

Undertaker'sUndertaker's Insignia (Necromancer)Armor +5 (while Health is below 80%)
Armor +5 (while Health is below 60%)
Armor +5 (while Health is below 40%)
Armor +5 (while Health is below 20%)


Mesmer-icon Mesmer

Virtuoso'sVirtuoso's Insignia (Mesmer)Armor +15 (while activating skills)All (PvP only), Nightfall

Mesmer-icon-smallVirtuoso's (P/F)

Artificer'sArtificer's Insignia (Mesmer)Armor +3 (for each equipped Signet)Nightfall


Prodigy'sProdigy's Insignia (Mesmer)Armor +5 (while recharging 1 or more Skills)
Armor +5 (while recharging 3 or more Skills)
Armor +5 (while recharging 5 or more Skills)


Elementalist-icon Elementalist

HydromancerHydromancer's Insignia (Elementalist)Armor +10 (vs. elemental damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Cold damage)
All (PvP only), Nightfall

Elementalist-icon-smallHydromancer's (P/F)

GeomancerGeomancer's Insignia (Elementalist)Armor +10 (vs. elemental damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Earth damage)
All (PvP only), Nightfall

Elementalist-icon-smallGeomancer's (P/F)

PyromancerPyromancer's Insignia (Elementalist)Armor +10 (vs. elemental damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Fire damage)
All (PvP only), Nightfall

Elementalist-icon-smallPyromancer's (P/F)

AeromancerAeromancer's Insignia (Elementalist)Armor +10 (vs. elemental damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Lightning damage)
All (PvP only), Nightfall

Elementalist-icon-smallAeromancer's (P/F)

PrismaticPrismatic Insignia (Elementalist)Armor +5 (requires 9 Air Magic)
Armor +5 (requires 9 Earth Magic)
Armor +5 (requires 9 Fire Magic)
Armor +5 (requires 9 Water Magic)


Assassin-icon Assassin

Vanguard'sVanguard's Insignia (Assassin)Armor +10 (vs. physical damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Blunt damage)
Factions (PvP only), Nightfall

Assassin-icon-smallVanguard's (F)

Infiltrator'sInfiltrator's Insignia (Assassin)Armor +10 (vs. physical damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Piercing damage)
Factions (PvP only), Nightfall

Assassin-icon-smallInfiltrator's (F)

Saboteur'sSaboteur's Insignia (Assassin)Armor +10 (vs. physical damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Slashing damage)
Factions (PvP only), Nightfall

Assassin-icon-smallSaboteur (F)

Nightstalker'sNightstalker's Insignia (Assassin)Armor +15 (while attacking)Factions (PvP only), Nightfall

Assassin-icon-smallNightstalker's (F)

Ritualist-icon Ritualist

Shaman'sShaman's Insignia (Ritualist)Armor +5 (while you control 1 or more Spirits)
Armor +5 (while you control 2 or more Spirits)
Armor +5 (while you control 3 or more Spirits)
Factions (PvP only), Nightfall

Ritualist-icon-smallShaman's (F)

Ghost ForgeGhost Forge Insignia (Ritualist)Armor +15 (while affected by a Weapon Spell)Factions (PvP only), Nightfall

Ritualist-icon-smallEmissary's (F)

Mystic'sMystic's Insignia (Ritualist)Armor +15 (while activating skills)Factions (PvP only), Nightfall

Ritualist-icon-smallMystic's (F)

Paragon-icon Paragon

Centurion'sCenturion's Insignia (Paragon)Armor +10 (while affected by a Shout, Echo or Chant)Nightfall


No corresponding insignia Armor +10 (vs. Elemental damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Lightning damage)
Nightfall (beta)

Paragon-icon-smallEmpyrean (N beta)

No corresponding insignia Armor +10 (vs. Elemental damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Fire damage)
Nightfall (beta)

Paragon-icon-smallRadiant (N beta)

Dervish-icon Dervish

WindwalkerWindwalker Insignia (Dervish)Armor +5 (while affected by 1 or more Enchantment Spells)
Armor +5 (while affected by 2 or more Enchantment Spells)
Armor +5 (while affected by 3 or more Enchantment Spells)
Armor +5 (while affected by 4 or more Enchantment Spells)


ForsakenForsaken Insignia (Dervish)Armor +10 (while not affected by an Enchantment Spell)Nightfall


No corresponding insignia Armor +10 (vs. Elemental damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Earth damage)
Nightfall (beta)

Dervish-icon-smallDunewalker's (N beta)

No corresponding insignia Armor +10 (vs. Elemental damage)
Armor +10 (vs. Cold damage)
Nightfall (beta)

Dervish-icon-smallWindwalker's (N beta)

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