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Lisha Expert Dervish
Species: Human
Profession: Dervish
Level(s): 20


Lisha is a Dervish expert for the Sunspears. She stands near Nalah, an Elementalist expert. Rakanja, a Ranger expert, is her sister.

Quests Involved In



To Dervishes or those without a secondary profession:

"You're doing so well! Oooh, you're talented. Right Nalah? You could go far. I just know it. Have you tried fighting corsairs yet? Are you ready to go out there? I think you should. You'd be so good at it! Oooh, la!"

During quest Secondary Training:

"My sister Rakanja's the quiet one. I wonder what that makes me? Ha ha! Oooh, you're a stranger. Let me guess, here for adventure? Oooh, Chahbek Village can use you! The corsairs are everywhere. My sister and I have been fighting them, but there are so many! Look what they did to the village, ooh, la! Can you help? I bet you can. You could fight them, too! I could teach you! Oooh, or Lisha can. Do you want to learn? It's so exciting, you'd love it, being a Dervish is wonderful, are you ready?" [sic]
Can you teach me some Dervish skills?
(Lisha teaches you the skills Chilling Victory and Crippling Sweep)

To those of other professions with the secondary profession already chosen:

"Ahai, stranger! Those corsairs need fighting! Are you going to fight them? I am! My sister, Rakanja, and I are going to head out very soon. Maybe we'll see you on the battlefield?"

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