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Lion's Arch (explorable)

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Lion's Arch Keep
Lion's Arch
Basic Info
Campaign: Prophecies
Type: Explorable Area
Part of: Kryta
Lion's Arch


Lion's Arch Keep was the Krytan royal family's seat of power when they still ruled, but they were largely destroyed during the Charr invasion, and those who survived fled. But now the lost princess, Princess Salma, has returned and sits upon the throne once more, as she fights a war in Kryta against the White Mantle.

Getting there

Speak to the Lion's Arch Keep Gate Guard to gain entrance to the explorable Lion's Arch area; the guard can be found in front of the gate in the northeast corner of Lion's Arch (not far from Merkin). Note: everyone in the party must have witnessed Livia recruiting Zinn (Dialogue #4 at the Shining Blade camp in the Talmark Wilderness).


Towns and Outposts



Shining Blade bounty quests are available for a 24-hour period, the table below shows the next 7 days.

Date Shining Blade Bounty Quest
Today Justiciar Kimii
Wed, October 26 Zaln the Jaded
Thu, October 27 Justiciar Sevaan
Fri, October 28 Insatiable Vakar
Sat, October 29 Amalek the Unmerciful
Sun, October 30 Carnak the Hungry
Mon, October 31 Valis the Rampant



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